Research — Alliance for Early Childhood Finance


Common Knowledge: Lessons from the Philadelphia Shared Services Initiative (2012) – This monograph, by Carl Sussman, summarizes key findings from the first phase of the Philadelphia Shared Services Initiative.

First You Have to Pay the Bills: Training and Technical Assistance Focused on the Business Side of ECE (2012). This article, written by Louise Stoney and Susan Blank for Exchange Magazine, explores training and TA strategies that are most likely to help ECE programs operate as financially viable businesses and also underscores situations when a more systemic approach, such as Shared Services, is a more appropriate response.

Shared Services: Strengthening Early Care and Education (2010) This article, written by Louise Stoney and Libbie Poppick for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, summarizes the benefits of shared services.

Shared Services: A New Business Model to Support Scale and Sustainability in Early Care and Education (2009) This report, prepared by Louise Stoney for Early Learning Ventures, an initiative of the David and Laura Merage Foundation, provides in-depth information about shared services for the early care and education industry.

Shared Services: A Powerful Strategy to Support Sustainability of ECE Businesses (2009)  This Cover Story, written by Louise Stoney, for the September/October 2009 issue of Exchange Magazine features Phil Accord and his ECE Alliance in Chattanooga, TN. The article discusses the benefits of an Alliance from the perspective of an early childhood program director.

A Consultative Session on Establishing an Early Care and Education Private Employer Organization (PEO) (2005) This report summarizes a meeting, sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, to explore if and how a PEO could be used as a strategy to support improved employee benefits within the early care and education industry.

Collective Management of Early Childhood Programs: Approaches That Aim to Maximize Efficiency, Help Improve Quality and Stabilize the Industry. (2004)
This report, written by Louise Stoney, was a collaborative publication of Smart Start’s National Technical Assistance Center and the Cornell University Linking Economic Development and Child Care Research Project.

Early Care and Education Program Management and Support Services: North Carolina Approaches to Sustain Quality. (2004) Written by Marsha Munn in collaboration with Smart Start’s National Technical Assistance Center, this report is a state-based companion piece to Louise Stoney’s “Collective Management of Early Childhood Programs”.