Useful Resources — Alliance for Early Childhood Finance

Useful Resources

We have found many documents and web sites, created by other authors to be useful – and these are gathered here. As these resources are on other web sites, the Alliance for Early Childhood Finance cannot be responsible for broken links.


Read Investing in Our Future: A Guide to Child Care Financing (especially the introduction and Chapter 2). This publication may be purchased from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

For a discussion of how direct support works in the military child care system, see Examining the Cost of Military Child Care. Gail Zellman, Susan M. Gates, MR-1415-OSD. 2002.

A “Noble Bet” in Early Care and Education: Lessons from One Community’s Experience Brian Gill, Jacob Dembosky, and Jonathan Caulkins. Rand Corporation. 2002

Linking Economic Development and Child Care Research Project, Cornell University. This site includes a complete summary of, and links to, the child care economic impact studies that have been completed or are in process along with a methodology guide.

Web Sites

National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) publications and website. These are excellent sources of information on tax-based approaches to funding early care and education.