Finance Reform Learning Community Issue Briefs — Alliance for Early Childhood Finance

Finance Reform Learning Community Issue Briefs

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Shared Services: Building Infrastructure for the Early Care and Education Industry SharedServiceInfrastructure_2006
Emerging Entities to Govern and Manage Early Care Education at the Community and State Levels GovernanceStateLocal_2006
New Partnerships: Early Care Education and Regional/Transportation Planning ECE_Transportation­_2006
One System or Two? Integrating the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Movement into Early Care Education System Building PreKSystemBuilding_2006
The Respective Roles of Market and Non-Market Care in an Early Care Education System ECE_FFNMarkets_2006
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Estimating the Cost of the Early Childhood System Services and Infrastructure: Tools, Approaches and Political Considerations ECE_SystemCostEstimate_2006
Using Principles of Economics and Community Development to Shape Business Leaders’ Agendas EconDevBusiness_2006
Framing Our Message to Communicate Effectively CommunicationFraming2006
Case Study Instructions CaseStudyInstructions_2005
Case Study Topic #1: Creating a Comprehensive Early Childhood Assessment System CaseStudy_ChildAssessment_2005
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Case Study Topic #2: Reframing a Business-Sponsored Early Childhood Finance Strategy CaseStudy_Business_2005
Case Study Topic #3: Linking Child Outcomes to a Quality Rating System CaseStudy_OutcomesQRS_2005
Discussion #1: Linking Finance to Program and Practitioner Standards: Financing Quality Rating Systems FinancialIncentivesQRS_2005
Discussion #2: Child Care and Early Education Financial Aid: Adaptations from Higher Education ECE_FinancialAid_2005
Discussion #3: Economic Development: New Strategies for Employers, Planners and Local Governments to Promote Quality Child Care EconDevStrategy_2005
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Discussion #4: Initiative and Referendum: What can we learn from the Washington State experience? EspressoTax_2005
Discussion #5: Financing the Early Childhood System Infrastructure: How do we identify and allocate costs? ECE_SystemCostEstimate_2005
Discussion #6: Collective Management: New Strategies for Shared Services CollectiveManagement_2005
Discussion #7: Squeezing Lemons into Lemonade: Should advocates compromise the ideal to secure funding for early childhood services? FinanceCompromises_2005
Discussion #8: New Economic Research on the Impact of Preschool: How do we use this research to increase economic investment in early care and education? EconImpactofPreK_2005
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Education Links: How do we establish universal preschool in a way that builds the early care and education system as a whole? PreKECE_Systems_2004
Public Engagement: How do we make paid family leave a part of the early care and education system? PaidFamilyleave_2004
Are there innovative ways to reach economies of scale? What have we learned about this approach in general as it relates to multi-site, center-based approaches? EconomiesofScaleECEcenters_2004
Are there innovative ways to reach economies of scale? What have we learned about this approach in general as it relates to home-based alliances? EconomiesofScaleECEhomes_2004
Are there innovative ways to reach economies of scale? What have we learned about this approach in general as it relates to support services alliances? SupportServiceAlliances_2004
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What are the tools? What are the pros and cons of tax policy to increase investment in early care and education? What have we learned about implementation? TaxPolicy_ECE_2004
How can we most effectively maximize resources and build cohesive early care and education systems at the state level? AlignedFinanceECE_2004
Are there effective public-private strategies for building early care and education facilities? ECEPublicPrivateCapitalFinance_2004
How do we use child care economic impact studies to help craft new approaches to public policy? How can we increase public investment using these arguments? UsingEconImpactStudiesECE_2004
How can we develop a comprehensive, cross-system approach to determining a per-child cost for early care and education? ECE_SystemCostEstimate_2004
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Are ballot initiatives an effective tool to raise funds for early care and education? BallotInitiativesforECE_2004
Are there Economies of Scale – New Ways to Organize Early Care and Education in Terms of Administration, Finance, etc. to Stabilize the Industry EconomiesofScaleinECE_2003
How Do We Move Direct Support for Early Care and Education from a Short-Term Initiative to a Long-Term part of the Finance Infrastructure? DirectSupportforECE_2003
What are the Relative Roles of Federal, State and Local Investment in Community-Designed Early Care and Education Systems? FedStateLocalSharesECE_2003
What is the Relative Power of Different Revenue Generation Methods? ECERevenueGeneration_2003
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How Can We Frame Investment in Early Care and Education as Economic Development? ECEasEconDev_2003
How Can We Move from a Flawed Subsidy System for the Poor to Financial Aid for All Families that Need It? Subsidy_FinancialAid_2003
How Can We Use Tax Credits to Finance Early Care and Education? TaxCreditsECE_2003
Is Public/Consumer/Voter Engagement Necessary to Get Increased Investment and Finance Reform? PublicEngagementECEFinance_2003
How Can We Incorporate Paid Family Leave into Our Finance System? PaidFamilyLeave_2003
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Reports by the Lumina Foundation for Education, Inc.
Learning Between Systems: Adapting Higher Education Financing Methods to Early
Care and Education
Community Endowment Funds For Early Care and Education LBS_TechReport_EndowmentFunds_2001
Assessing the Feasibility of Loan Programs for Early Care and Education LBS_TechReport_LoanFeasibility_2001
A Financial Aid Need Analysis Methodology for Early Care and Education LBS_TechReport_FinancialAid_2001
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