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System Development

Comments on the Proposed CCDF Regulations (July 8, 2013). Written comments submitted to the federal Child Care Bureau on proposed revisions to the regulations governing the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF).

Toward Better Policy for ECE in the US (2011).  This collaboratively-produced discussion paper proposes a four-part framework for improving ECE policy:  1) put child development first, 2) build a standards-based system, 3) share costs to improve efficiency and 4) use data to drive quality. Please share and use in your work.

Aligning Finance with Common Standards (2010). These graphics, created by Louise Stoney, show how finance can be linked to the quality levels of a QRIS and then layered to fund a single child or classroom of children.

QRIS as a Framework for Quality (2009). This PowerPoint presentation, created by Louise Stoney for a dialogue with Minnesota ECE leadership, describes how a cross-system QRIS can serve as a unifying force for ECE policy and finance.

Standards-Based System Graphic (2009). This graphic, created by Louise Stoney for the Minnesota Early Childhood Legislative Caucus, demonstrates how various components of the ECE system – both formal and informal – can relate to one another as well as to an overall governance structure.

4 Good Reasons Why ECE Is Not Just Important But Essential (2009).  This article by Anne Mitchell appeared in Exchange and describes the pros and cons of the most common arguments:  moral, workforce productivity, brain research, and return on investment.

What is an Early Care and Education System?  (2008). This paper, written by Louise Stoney for the Minnesota Family Impact Seminar, describes the elements of an early care and education system and discusses how these elements relate to policy and finance. Some state examples are included.

Issue Brief:  Governance (2007).  This brief written by Anne Mitchell addresses the question:  What are the benefits and challenges of the emerging models for governance of early care and education services/systems in the states?

Smarter Reform: Moving Beyond Single Program Solutions to an Early Care and Education System (2006). By Anne Mitchell, Louise Stoney and Mildred Warner. This article, published in the Journal of the Community Development Society, Vol. 37, No. 2, Summer 2006, challenges ‘siloed’ thinking and describes a national, multi-faceted approach to early care and education finance.

Smarter Reform: A National Policy Agenda for an Early Care and Education System (2006). Louise Stoney and Anne Mitchell, co-founders of the Alliance for Early Childhood Finance, offer a five point plan for early care and education policy and finance in the United States.

Financing Early Childhood Care and Education Systems: A Standards-Based Approach (2006). This paper, written in 2004 by Anne Mitchell and Louise Stoney for the James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy, discusses why early childhood finance reform is rooted in standards, and describes a standards-based approach to financing the ECE system. The paper was revised and included in a book, edited by Alvin Tarlov, entitled “Nurturing the National Treasure.”

Success Stories: State Investment in Early Care and Education in Illinois, North Carolina and Rhode Island (2005). This paper, prepared by Anne Mitchell for Smart Start’s National Technical Assistance Center describes the strategies, successes and lessons learned in three states that have been very successful in securing significant public investment in early childhood.

Early Care and Education System Reform: Key Elements (2003). This article includes a model for building a high quality early care and education system that builds on the existing administrative and fiscal systems (Head Start, prek, child care subsidies, etc.) and is focused around 5 key elements.

Early Care and Education Finance Reform: Practice, Reality and Action (2003). This PowerPoint presentation was prepared by Anne Mitchell and Louise Stoney for the National Smart Start Preconference session on finance and focuses on such key questions as what are we financing, how are we financing it, what’s wrong with how we finance it now, and what are the principles for change in the current system.

A Blueprint for New York State’s Early Childhood System: Issues of Governance and Finance (2001). This memo was prepared by Louise Stoney for the Finance and Governance Work Group in New York State. Click here for the graphic.

New Perspectives on Compensation Strategies (2000). This report offers thoughtful analysis of the persistent problem of low compensation and strategies to address it. Includes descriptions of initiatives that help improve compensation. Published by the Wheelock Institute for Leadership and Career Initiative.

Looking into New Mirrors: Lessons for Early Childhood Finance and System-Building (1998).  Louise Stoney authored this report, which draws upon successful financing strategies pioneered in housing, higher education, health care and education finance to inform the development of early care and education policy and finance.  The report was sponsored by the Horizons’ Initiative, and funded by the James C. Penney Foundation.